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Chicken Gizzard
a.k.a Dak-ddongjip

Pojang-macha, Pocha, or tented bars in Seoul, have evolved over the years both in appearance and gastronomical offerings, now more polished and offering a wider array of dishes to go with alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) drinks.

But some distinctly Korean specialties, featuring unique ingredients unfamiliar to most people with non-Korean food cultures remain staple dishes at the tarp-covered watering holes. One of them is Chicken Gizzard, a.k.a Dak-ddongjip.

Chicken gizzard — the part of the chicken’s digestive tract connected to the stomach — is firm, chewy and round. The muscular gizzard has an earthy flavour that goes best with salt and garlic. This traditional Korean food dish is ordered with drinks, cutting through the bitter freshness of soju, Korea’s signature liquor, and beer. — The more you chew it, the better you can appreciate its unique flavour.

It was first offered as an affordable snack to accompany drinks and was favoured by blue-collar labourers in the 1970s, according to the Korea Tourism Organization. This dish is no longer the cheap platter it once was tough, selling at 15,000 won ($18 CAD) per plate at Seoul Yeouido’s popular Pojang-machas where many office workers in the financial district gather for after-hours fun.

Today, you can experience Seoul’s popular dish at Hongdae Pocha Cafe in Vancouver. All you have to do is to pop into Hongdae Pocha Cafe with your friends.

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