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Hongdae Korean
Rice Cakes!

Hongdae Pocha Cafe Korean style Rice Cakes!

It’s Hongdae Pocha Cafe’s own interpretation of a traditional Korean street food called Tteokbokki.

Did you know Tteokbokki was also a part of Korean royal court cuisine in the Joseon dynasty? While the modern Tteokbokki is red and has a spicy taste, the original Tteokbokki was brown and plain. It was called Royal Rice Cakes, Gungjung Tteokbokki in Korean. Just like the name implies, Royal Rice Cakes were a main example of Korean haute cuisine. Click HERE to view Royal Rice Cakes in SURA Korean Cuisine menu page!

Hongdae Pocha Cafe’s version of this wildly popular dish comes with Korean style rice cakes, a boiled egg, ramen noodles, and vegetables in house special spicy — and a bit sweet — sauce! The dish is awesome especially when you enjoy soju or ice cold beer with your besties!

Click HERE to view our modern Korean Market Food-inspired menu!

Our Student Discount Promotion:

  • Sun-Thurs + Open-8:30pm
  • For the student discount, the order must be placed by the 8:30pm.
  • The discount only applies to food menu items.
  • Limited one discounted item per a student.
  • Please bring your student ID! Must!
  • The discount only applies to the students of Canadian schools.
  • The discount is not offered on Statutory Holidays.
  • The discount is not offered on long weekends.
  • Click HERE to see the detail!!

Hongdae Pocha Cafe
Korean Street Food Restaurant by SURA