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The Epitome of
Korean Spicy Stew

Kimchi Jjigae is a Korean stew made of kimchi, pork, tofu and vegetables. Each Korean household has their very own versions of Kimchi Jjigae and it is considered a staple dish in the country. Now, Hongdae Pocha Cafe starts serving our own version of this glorious Korean spicy stew.

So here’s our Kimchi Jjigae: This soup hits a beautiful sweet and spicy balance, a result achieved by cooking a huge amount of properly made kimchi over a long time with freshly prepared pork belly. The outcome is a mouth-watering broth in a tempting shade of deep-sunset-orange-red, with deep flavours and taste.

Come on down here already.

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Our Student Discount Promotion:

  • Sun-Thurs + Open-8:30pm
  • For the student discount, the order must be placed by the 8:30pm.
  • The discount only applies to food menu items.
  • Limited one discounted item per a student.
  • Please bring your student ID! Must!
  • The discount only applies to the students of Canadian schools.
  • The discount is not offered on Statutory Holidays.
  • The discount is not offered on long weekends.
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