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Light Yet

When it comes to noodles from Korean culture, Korean cuisine boasts a staggering breadth of flavours and ways to enjoy the starchy staples. From refreshing, vinegary cold noodle soup, Naeng-myeon!!, to savoury & deeply caramelized Korean-Chinese black bean noodles.

Then, there is Seafood Kaljebi; knife-cut noodles in a hearty clam-and-green-onion-based soup.

Seafood Kaljebi is one of our favourite seafood dishes because it combines 2 awesome Korean noodles soups with much of seafood charm and flavour: Kal-guksu and Su-jebi.

Kal-guksu usually consists of a seafood broth with long handmade noodles, which are cut with a sharp knife. The name means “knife noodle soup” in Korean! 😀 Su-jebi is more often made from thick, chewy dough flakes that taste a lot like dumplings.

When Korean people want something light yet satisfying, they usually go for this dish. It’s savoury, full of seafood, filling, and reasonably priced. Awesome for all year round.

So if you’re feeling adventurous and want something different, come on down to Hongdae Pocha Cafe. Rub those chopsticks together and get your slurp on with one of the most essential Korean noodle dishes!

Check out Hongdae Seafood Kaljebi HERE.

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Our Student Discount Promotion:

  • Sun-Thurs + Open-8:30pm
  • For the student discount, the order must be placed by the 8:30pm.
  • The discount only applies to food menu items.
  • Limited one discounted item per a student.
  • Please bring your student ID! Must!
  • The discount only applies to the students of Canadian schools.
  • The discount is not offered on Statutory Holidays.
  • The discount is not offered on long weekends.
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